Yuliang Ran

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INTRODUCTION Aberrant microenvironment and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress are associated with solid-tumor progression. Stress proteins, like heat shock proteins and glucose-regulated proteins, are frequently overexpressed in human tumors. It has been reported that derlin-1 is involved in ER stress response. In vitro studies have demonstrated that(More)
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are believed to be a promising target for cancer therapy because these cells are responsible for tumor development, maintenance and chemotherapy resistance. Finding out the critical factors regulating CSC fate is the key for target therapy of CSCs. Just as normal stem cells are regulated by their microenvironment (niche), CSCs are(More)
  • Barbara Goss, Levi, Y Ran, M Hermele, P A Lee, X.-G Wen +4 others
  • 2007
iments will be able to probe deep enough into these promising materials to reveal the exotic behavior they expect to be there. As Matthew Fisher of the sees it, spin liquids are the cleanest example of a strongly correlated quantum system that has qualitatively different behavior from Fermi liquids and other simple, well-understood phases. Coordinate(More)
Background. Carboxypeptidase A4 (CPA4) belongs to a member of the metallocarboxypeptidase family, and its expression in lung cancer samples and clinical significance are still not investigated until now. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the level of CPA4 in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples and correlate its level with clinical outcome. Methods.(More)
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