Yulia V. Martovitskaya

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BACKGROUND Endothelial-derived apoptotic microparticles (EMPs) play a pivotal role in endothelial dysfunction in hronic Heart Failure (CHF). OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to evaluate the association between EMPs and pro-inflammatory biomarkers, clinical status, and outcomes in the patients with ischemic CHF. PATIENTS AND METHODS This study was(More)
AIM The study aim was to evaluate whether circulating microparticles with apoptotic or non-apoptotic phenotypes are useful for risk assessment of 3-year cumulative fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events in CHF patients. METHODS The incidence of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events, as well as the frequency of occurrence of death from any cause in(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure (CHF) has been remained a leading cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortaluty. The risk stratification of CHF individuals based on clinical criteria and biomarkers' models may improve medical care and probably increase efficacy of treatment strategy. However, various predictive models approved for CHF patients appear to(More)
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is defined as cluster of multiple metabolic and cardiovascular (CV) abnormalities included abdominal obesity, high-normal blood pressure, dyslipidaemia, and impaired fasting glucose tolerance that exhibits has a growing prevalence worldwide. We investigated whether an elevated level of osteoprotegerin (OPG) predicts imbalance(More)
BACKGROUND Subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) is diagnosed biochemically by the presence of normal serum free thyroxine concentration, in conjunction with an elevated serum thyroid-stimulating hormone level. Recent studies have demonstrated the frequent association between SH and cardiovascular diseases and risk factors. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of(More)
INTRODUCTION Serum uric acid (SUA) is considered a marker for natural progression of chronic heart failure (CHF) mediated cardiovascular remodelling. CHF associates with declining of circulating mononuclear progenitor cells (MPCs). The objective of this study was to evaluate the interrelationship between SUA concentrations and proangiogenic MPCs in ischemic(More)
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