Yulia S. Khairulina

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Positioning of release factor eRF1 toward adenines and the ribose-phosphate backbone of the UAAA stop signal in the ribosomal decoding site was studied using messenger RNA (mRNA) analogs containing stop signal UAA/UAAA and a photoactivatable cross-linker at definite locations. The human eRF1 peptides cross-linked to these analogs were identified.(More)
The eukaryotic ribosomal protein S26e (rpS26e) lacking eubacterial counterparts is a key component of the ribosomal binding site of mRNA region 5' of the codon positioned at the exit site. Here, we determined the rpS26e oligopeptide neighboring mRNA on the human 80S ribosome using mRNA analogues bearing perfluorophenyl azide-derivatized nucleotides at(More)
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