Yulia I Zyavkina

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Formation constants and structures of copper(II) complexes with oxidized glutathione (L) have been determined by computer modelling of spectrophotometric and NMR relaxation measurements data over a wide range of pH (1-13) and metal and ligand concentrations in aqueous KNO(3) (1M) at 298K. Among 11 found complexes, four forms were characterized for the first(More)
The formation of copper(II) complexes with L- and DL-histidine (HisH) has been studied by means of pH-potentiometry and spectrophotometry over a wide range of pH (2-14), ligand-to-metal ratio (1 : 1-15 : 1), and temperature (15-55 °C) in aqueous solutions with 1.0 mol dm(-3) KNO(3) as background. Formation constants and spectral characteristics of 13(More)
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