Yulia Gaiduk

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OBJECTIVES Valproic acid's well-known teratogenicity limits its use in women of childbearing age. Valnoctamide is an analog of valproate that does not undergo biotransformation to the corresponding free acid. In mice, valnoctamide has been shown to be distinctly less teratogenic than valproate. Valnoctamide is an anticonvulsant, and we hypothesized that(More)
Hypersalivation is a frequent, disturbing, and uncomfortable adverse effect of clozapine therapy that frequently leads to noncompliance. The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of metoclopramide (dopamine D2 antagonist, antiemetic medication) as an option for management of hypersalivation associated with clozapine (HAC). A 3-week, double-blind,(More)
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