Yulia Eskin

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Even a relatively unstructured captioned image set depicting a variety of objects in cluttered scenes contains strong correlations between caption words and repeated visual structures. We exploit these correlations to discover named objects and learn hierarchical models of their appearance. Revising and extending a previous technique for finding small,(More)
Assessing the usability of objects for a specific population can be laborious and time consuming. Furthermore, for the older adult population, the usability of objects involved in the completion of tasks of daily living is critical to ‘aging-in-place’ and the preservation of independence. This paper explores the automation of the process of(More)
We address the problem of automatically learning the recurring associations between the visual structures in images and the words in their associated captions, yielding a set of named object models that can be used for subsequent image annotation. In previous work, we used language to drive the perceptual grouping of local features into configurations that(More)
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