Yulia Burstein

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A four-year-old boy had a cecoanal intussusception prolapsing through the anus. A 4 x 4 cm cecal tumor served as the leading point of the intussusception. Laparotomy and histology revealed that the tumor was a solitary Burkitt's lymphoma of the cecum. Isolated Burkitt's lymphoma, as presented here, is rare, and such a combination has never been reported.(More)
This article presents the case of an infant who on routine physical examination at the age of 5 months was found to have hepatomegaly. The initial investigation revealed borderline liver function tests, and ultrasonography showed multiple space-occupying lesions. Further workup using different imaging techniques, urinary vanillylmandelic acid, serum(More)
Evidence has shown that electrical stimulation at the dorsal columns attenuated the "wind-up" phenomenon in dorsal horn neurons in nerve-injured rats. This study was aimed to test the effect of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) on temporal summation (TS), the clinical correlate of the wind-up phenomenon in patients with radicular leg pain. Eighteen patients(More)
A 2-year-old boy was evaluated for failure to thrive, hypotonia and developmental delay. The child exhibited all the criteria of Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, i.e., short stature, metaphyseal dysostosis, pancreatic insufficiency and neutropenia. Liver function tests were abnormal. Marked edema together with pericardial effusion appeared during the period of(More)
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