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This study demonstrates alteration of cell surface, leading to enhanced adsorption of macromolecules (bovine serum albumin (BSA), dextran, and DNA), after the exposure of cells to unipolar pulsed low electric fields (LEF). Modification of the adsorptive properties of the cell membrane also stems from the observation of LEF-induced cell-cell aggregation.(More)
We present a novel approach for stimulating uptake via endocytic pathways by exposing cells to a train of pulsed low electric fields (LEF) in the range of 2.5-20 V/cm. Electric field treatment of COS 5-7 and HaCaT cells in the presence of BSA-FITC augments the adsorption of the probe to plasma membranes with subsequent enhanced internalization. The uptake(More)
Transfer of exogenous material into the cytosol of cells is one of the main challenges in drug delivery. We present a novel physical approach for efficient incorporation of macromolecules into living cells, based on exposing them to a train of unipolar electric field pulses, possessing much lower amplitude than used for electroporation. The exposure of(More)
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