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Synthetic ACTH-Like Peptide GKVLKKRR, Corresponding to the Fragment 81–88 of Human Pro-Interleukin-1α, Acts as an Antagonist of ACTH Receptor
Leukocorticotropin is an antagonist of ACTH receptor and did not affect the adenylate cyclase activity in adrenocortical membranes.
Binding of synthetic fragments of β‐endorphin to nonopioid β‐endorphin receptor
The ability to inhibit the [3H]immunorphin specific binding to macrophages was studied and unlabeled fragment 12–19 (TPLVTLFK, the author's name of the peptide octarphin) was found to be the shortest peptide possessing practically the same inhibitory activity as β‐endorphin.
RNA Interference-Mediated Down-Regulation of 4-Coumarate: Coenzyme A Ligase in Populus Tremula Alters Lignification and Plant Growth
The study of the lignin biosynthesis and ways of its modification by genetic engineering methods are important in both scientific and practical terms. The mechanisms of its regulation have not yet
Interaction of ACTH synthetic fragments with rat adrenal cortex membranes
Synthetic peptide, corresponding to the amino acid sequence 11–24 of human adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), was labeled with tritium and found to bind to rat adrenal cortex membranes with high affinity and specificity.
Beta-endorphin-like peptide SLTCLVKGFY reduces the production of 11-oxycorticosteroids by rat adrenal cortex through nonopioid beta-endorphin receptors.
In conclusion, intramuscular injection of immunorphin at doses of 10-100 microg/kg was found to reduce the secretion of 11-oxycorticosteroids from the adrenals to the bloodstream and to inhibit the adenylate cyclase activity in adrenal cortex membranes.