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The target recognition, beacon tracking and object localization based on omni-directional vision (omni-vision) system are introduced in this paper. The development of omni-vision appears to have definite advantages for the performance of the mobile systems and real time control. We use a fisheye lens with the view angle of 185deg to build the(More)
A number of existing works have focused on the problem of malicious following activity detection in microblog services. However, most of them make the assumption that the spamming following relationships are either from fraudulent accounts or compromised legitimate users. They therefore developed detection methodologies based on the features derived from(More)
Community Question Answering (CQA) portals provide rich sources of information on a variety of topics. However, the authenticity and quality of questions and answers (Q&As) has proven hard to control. In a troubling direction, the widespread growth of crowdsourcing websites has created a large-scale, potentially difficult-to-detect workforce to manipulate(More)
In the last 30 years, China’s economic power has experienced great changes and has brought about a profound impact on the world economy. This led us to ask a question: do changes in China’s economic power shift the geo-economic relationships between China and its neighboring countries? To answer this question, we researched the evolution of geo-economic(More)
Bamboo forests, especially the Moso bamboo forest (MBF) and the Lei bamboo forest (LBF), have a strong carbon sequestration capability and play an important role in the global forest carbon cycle. The leaf area index (LAI) is an important structural parameter for simulating the spatiotemporal pattern of the carbon cycle in bamboo forests. However, current(More)
Query Auto Completion (QAC) aims to provide possible suggestions to Web search users from the moment they start entering a query, which is thought to reduce their physical and cognitive efforts in query formulation. However, the QAC has been misused by malicious users, being transformed into a new form of promotion campaign. These malicious users attack the(More)
With the increasing economic importance of the Asia-Pacific Region, the economic interdependence among countries in the region has gradually enhanced. With the continuous opening up of the two countries, Sino-Vietnamese economic relations have also been deepened. However, the export trade between Vietnam and China has been competitive. China and Vietnam(More)
In the study of social networks, analyzing node influence and identifying influential nodes in social networks is of great theoretical and practical significance. To effectively evaluate node influence, a novel concept of influence label is introduced, which can measure node influence through two label attributes called influence level and node degree.(More)
Local ecosystem services have been significantly affected by land cover changes associated with rapid urbanization in China. Based on the 2000 and 2010 land cover data products with 30-m resolution, we examined the similarities and differences in the impacts of land cover change on ecosystem service values (ESV) at three coastal urban agglomerations in(More)
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