Yuli D. Chashechkin

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The flow of continuously stratified fluids past obstacles was studied analytically, numerically, and experimentally. The obstacles discussed here include a flat strip, aligned with the flow, inclined or transverse to the flow and a horizontal cylinder. In the flow pattern, transient and attached (lee) internal waves, downstream wakes with submerged(More)
Analytical methods based on color visualization are widely used today not only in the physical sciences but also in the rapidly expanding arena of life sciences. In addition to visualizing fluid flows, we have now added color imaging of dehydrated drops of biological liquids(blood serum, bile, tear, gastric juice), which are used in medical applications.(More)
Schlieren images of flow induced by starting horizontal cylinder in a continuously stratified liquid (buoyancy period is 13 = b T s). Method is “vertical slit-thin thread in focus”, colouring of image is caused by natural dispersion of light in the salt brine, and diameter of view field is 23 cm (Chashechkin, 1999). The cylinder of diameter 5 = D cm is(More)
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