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In most studies, the intended (full) data, i.e., the data that the study investigators wish to collect, are inevitably incompletely observed. In modern studies, the full data are typically high dimensional, usually comprising many baseline and timevarying variables. Scientific interest, however, often focuses on some low-dimensional parameter of the(More)
As use of in-vehicle information systems (IVISs) such as cell phones, navigation systems, and satellite radios has increased, driver distraction has become an important and growing safety concern. A promising way to overcome this problem is to detect driver distraction and adapt in-vehicle systems accordingly to mitigate such distractions. To realize this(More)
PURPOSE Medication errors remain a threat to patient safety. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the relationships among characteristics of the nursing practice environment, nurse staffing levels, nurses' error interception practices, and rates of nonintercepted medication errors in acute care hospitals. DESIGN This study, using a(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, the authors used algorithms to estimate driver distraction and predict crash and near-crash risk on the basis of driver glance behavior using the data set of the 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study. BACKGROUND Driver distraction has been a leading cause of motor vehicle crashes, but the relationship between distractions and crash(More)
BACKGROUND Although nurse staffing has been found to be related to patient mortality, there has been limited study of the independent effect of work schedules on patient care outcomes. OBJECTIVE To determine if, in hospitals where nurses report more adverse work schedules, there would be increased patient mortality, controlling for staffing. METHODS A(More)
Driver distraction has become a leading cause of motor-vehicle crashes. Although visual and cognitive distraction has been studied extensively, relatively little research has addressed their combined effects on drivers' behavior. To fill this gap, a medium-fidelity simulator study examined the driver behavior before, during and after three types of(More)
The increasing use of in-vehicle information systems (IVISs), such as navigation devices and MP3 players, can jeopardize safety by introducing distraction into driving. One way to address this problem is to develop distraction mitigation systems, which adapt IVIS functions according to driver state. In such a system, correctly identifying driver distraction(More)
In the emerging agile manufacturing paradigm, there is a great need for a flexible and re-configurable IT platform to form virtual enterprises. In this paper, according to the functional requirements of virtual agile manufacturing, a pragmatic Web-based platform entitled ‘‘E-DREAM’’ has been developed to support the virtual enterprising. Firstly, this paper(More)
Finding suitable jobs for US Navy sailors periodically is an important and everchanging process. An Intelligent Distribution Agent (IDA) and particularly its constraint satisfaction module take up the challenge to automate the process. The constraint satisfaction module's main task is to provide the bulk of the decision making process in assigning sailors(More)
This paper addresses key biological problems and statistical issues in the analysis of large gene expression data sets that describe systemic temporal response cascades to therapeutic doses in multiple tissues such as liver, skeletal muscle, and kidney from the same animals. Affymetrix time course gene expression data U34A are obtained from three different(More)