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Toughening Elastomers with Sacrificial Bonds and Watching Them Break
Toughening Up Elastomers Elastomers are soft polymer materials widely used in industry and daily life. Inspired by recent work on double-network hydrogels, Ducrot et al. (p. 186; see the PerspectiveExpand
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Mechanically induced chemiluminescence from polymers incorporating a 1,2-dioxetane unit in the main chain.
Nature uses mechanochemical transduction processes to achieve diverse and vital functions, such as hearing, cellular adhesion and gating of ion channels. One fascinating example of biologicalExpand
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A novel angularly fused bistetracene: facile synthesis, crystal packing and single-crystal field effect transistors
We report a facile synthesis of novel angularly fused bistetracene derivatives where two tetracene skeletons are cata-annulated at three benzene rings. Compared with previously described examples,Expand
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Self-assembly of cationic pyrene nanotubes
The controlled preparation of organic nanotubesviaself-assembly of polycyclic aromatics is a contemporary challenge for supramolecular science. Here, we show that the self-assembly ofExpand
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Three-component solvent-free synthesis of highly substituted bicyclic pyridines containing a ring-junction nitrogen
An efficient one-pot, three-component synthesis of highly substituted bicyclic pyridines containing a ring-junction nitrogen, starting from simple and readily available materials, is described.Expand
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Enhanced Cd removal from aqueous solution by biologically modified biochar derived from digestion residue of corn straw silage.
Biologically modified biochars derived from digestion residue of corn straw silage at different pyrolysis temperature (300-700 °C) were prepared for removing Cd from water. Compared with the pristineExpand
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Maleimide–thiol adducts stabilized through stretching
AbstractMaleimide–thiol reactions are widely used to produce protein–polymer conjugates for therapeutics. However, maleimide–thiol adducts are unstable in vivo or in the presence of thiol-containingExpand
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Facile Synthesis of 3,8-Dibromo-Substituted Phenanthridine Derivatives and Their Conjugated Polymers
We present an efficient and convenient synthesis of 3,8-dibromophenanthridine derivatives and their conjugated polymers and demonstrate that phenanthridine-containing conjugated polymers can be usedExpand
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Synthesis of novel tetracyclo-isocoumarins via AcOH-catalyzed cascade reaction of heterocyclic ketene aminals with 2,2-dihydroxy-2H-indene-1,3-dione
A facile synthesis of tetracyclo-isocoumarins based on the AcOH-catalyzed cyclocondensation and rearrangement reaction between heterocyclic ketene aminals and 2,2-dihydroxy-2H-indene-1,3-dione isExpand
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Tuning the Mechanochromic Luminescence of BOPIM Complexes by Rational Introduction of Aromatic Substituents
Considering the great advantages of boron 2-(2′-pyridyl)imidazole (BOPIM) based dyes, such as facile synthesis, high fluorescence quantum yield, large Stokes shift, and good thermal stability, threeExpand
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