Yukui Wang

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A flexible noiseless and high-efficient propulsor plays a prominent role in the performance of underwater vehicles. This paper presents a micro flexible caudal fin propulsor actuated by shape memory alloy (SMA) wires. To improve the responding frequency and fatigue of the SMA wires, a pair of slots is designed. So the SMA wires can be heated in the(More)
Laser cladding technology was used to conduct experiments on production of wear-resistant coatings with additive nanoparticles of refractory metals (WC, TaC). Mechanical testing of coating abrasion was made using Brinell-Howarth method. The obtained data was compared with wearresistance of commercial powder containing WC. It was found that at a(More)
This paper presents a correlation of the commercial CAD/CAM software into the micro 4-axis electrical discharge milling (ED-milling) process. By applying the commercial CAD/CAM software, the model can be designed and the NC code can be generated. According to the NC code, the 4-axis ED-milling process can be carried out successfully by the micro 4-axis(More)
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