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This paper describes an approach adopted in introducing logic-based data base management and deductive data base systems into an undergraduate data base course, The fundamental concepts and terminology for deductive data base systems are briefly discussed. A conventional relational data base management system (DBMS) has some intrinsic deductive(More)
A much needed master's level graduate degree program in systems analysis has been designed and proposed for implementation at Miami University. There are many graduate curricula that emphasize information systems, computer science, or operations research; but our proposal is unique in its attempt to combine these varied, yet related, disciplines. This paper(More)
INTRZL is a relational data base management system (DBMS) developed by the present investigator. It is an experimental research testbed DBMS, also suitable for use as an instructional tool. Its data description language can be used to describe and manipulate the data base schema; it can also be used to generate the system control structures underlying the(More)
The COBOL component in four-year computer information systems programs is crucial to the rest of the program, and should be handled with special care. Particularly in CIS programs modeled after ACM's recommendations for computer information systems, students who have become reasonably proficient in a high level programming language find a course on(More)
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