Yukoku Tamaoka

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It is well known that danazol has a direct effect on endometriosis tissue and cell. We have been treating adenomyotic women with danazol containing intrauterine device (D-IUD) from June 1993 to August 2000 and significant decrease of dysmenorrhea and serum CA-125 levels were observed. Of fifty-nine adenomyotic women, eight women were also diagnosed by(More)
Hyperreactio luteinalis (HL) in normal pregnancy has been reported previously. However, only a few cases of HL recurrence have been reported. The present report describes HL in a normal singleton pregnancy presenting with an acute abdomen requiring surgical intervention. In a subsequent normal singleton pregnancy, HL recurred and was treated conservatively.
The purpose of the present study was to assess the effect of a danazol-releasing intrauterine device (D-IUD) in the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia. Twenty patients with endometrial hyperplasia including 14 with simple endometrial hyperplasia and 2 with complex endometrial hyperplasia (group A), and 4 with atypical endometrial hyperplasia (group B)(More)
A rare case of a colon cancer with a hepatomatous metastasis is reported. A 79 year old female was admitted hospital in April, 1988 with liver cirrhosis. On death in November, 1988, an autopsy revealed a primary, linitis plastica type diffuse adenocarcinoma of the total colon with an extensive metastases into lungs, kidneys, liver, small intestine, bladder,(More)
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