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A body part as object (BPO) gesture is one of the error patterns in apraxia. In the BPO gesture, people represent objects by their hands. To clarify the neuronal background of the BPO gesture, we compared the brain activation during the BPO gesture with that during ordinary pantomime in normal subjects using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Both the(More)
An fMRI technique based on real-time analysis was applied to evaluate the advantages of dynamic monitoring of the t-statistics based on a general linear model. The temporal change of the t-statistics in V1 and V4 under four conditions of visual stimuli covering different visual fields with or without coloring was estimated using an incremental analysis and(More)
The neuronal system to process and transfer auditory information to the higher motor areas was investigated using fMRI. Two different types of internal modulation of auditory pacing (1 Hz) were combined to design a 2×2 condition experiment, and the activation was compared with that under a visual guidance. The bilateral anterior portion of the BA22(More)
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