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Dynamic microtubules facilitate chromosome arrangement before anaphase, whereas during anaphase microtubule stability assists chromosome separation. Changes in microtubule dynamics at the metaphase-anaphase transition are regulated by Cdk1. Cdk1-mediated phosphorylation of Sli15/INCENP promotes preanaphase microtubule dynamics by preventing chromosomal(More)
The mitotic spindle consists of a complex network of proteins that segregates chromosomes in eukaryotes. To strengthen our understanding of the molecular composition, organization, and regulation of the mitotic spindle, we performed a system-wide two-hybrid screen on 94 proteins implicated in spindle function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. We report 604(More)
There has been much effort in recent years aimed at understanding the molecular mechanism by which the Dam1 kinetochore complex is able to couple microtubule depolymerization to poleward movement. Both a biased diffusion and a forced walk model have been proposed, and several key functional aspects of Dam1-microtubule binding are disputed. Here, we(More)
To locate elements regulating the human CD8 gene complex, we mapped nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) and DNase I hypersensitive (HS) sites over a 100-kb region that included the CD8B gene, the intergenic region, and the CD8A gene. MARs facilitate long-range chromatin remodeling required for enhancer activity and have been found closely linked to(More)
Protein kinase CK2 is one of the most conserved kinases in eukaryotic cells and plays essential roles in diverse processes. While we know that CK2 plays a role(s) in cell division, our understanding of how CK2 regulates cell cycle progression is limited. In this study, we revealed a regulatory role for CK2 in kinetochore function. The kinetochore is a(More)
We herein report the molecular characterization of grape expansins, VvEXPA14 and VvEXPA18. VvEXPA14 and VvEXPA18 transcription was detected in grape berries at 2 weeks post flowering and their expression was upregulated during growth phase I, the period of rapid berry expansion. Experiments using VvEXPA14:GFP or VvEXPA18:GFP fusion proteins demonstrated(More)
Misfolded protein aggregation in mammalian cells is one of the cellular responses to environmental stresses. However, the aggregation of misfolded proteins in plant cells exposed to environmental stresses is still poorly understood. Here, we report the misfolded protein aggregation in plant cells in response to environmental stresses, including ultraviolet(More)
We report here the relationship between pedicel development and grape SISTER OF RAMOSA3 (VvSRA) expression in grapevine. The increase in VvSRA expression, but not grape RAMOSA3 expression, in young grape inflorescence decreased the number of pedicels on the lateral branch of grape inflorescence. This suggests that VvSRA negatively regulates pedicel(More)
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