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INTRODUCTION The effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) on cell growth was examined in three-dimensional-cultured chondrocytes with a collagen sponge. To elucidate the mechanisms underlying the mechanical activation of chondrocytes, intracellular signaling pathways through the Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and the(More)
Osteocytes express multiple genes involved in mineral metabolism including PHEX, FGF23, DMP1 and FAM20C. In Hyp mice, a murine model for X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH), Phex deficiency results in the overproduction of FGF23 in osteocytes, which leads to hypophosphatemia and impaired vitamin D metabolism. In this study, to further clarify the abnormality in(More)
Our goal in this study was to determine to what extent the physiologic consequences of ovariectomy (OVX) in bones are exacerbated by a lack of daily activity such as walking. We forced 14-week-old female rats to be inactive for 15 weeks with a unique experimental system that prevents standing and walking while allowing other movements. Tibiae, femora, and(More)
UNLABELLED Prior 8-week treatment with menatetrenone, MK-4, followed by 8-week risedronate prevented the shortcomings of individual drugs and significantly increased the strength of ovariectomized ICR mouse femur compared to the ovariectomized (OVX) controls. Neither MK-4 following risedronate nor the concomitant administration may be recommended because(More)
Frozen bone-patellar tendon bone allografts are useful in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction as the freezing procedure kills tissue cells, thereby reducing immunogenicity of the grafts. However, a small portion of cells in human femoral heads treated by standard bone-bank freezing procedures survive, thus limiting the effectiveness of allografts.(More)
Saliva contains mucins, which protect epithelial cells. We showed a smaller amount of salivary mucin, both MG1 and MG2, in the premenopausal female smokers than in their nonsmoking counterparts. Smokers' MG1, which contains almost 2% cysteine/half cystine in its amino acid residues, turned out to be chemically altered in the nonsmoker's saliva. The smaller(More)
Hyaluronate is associated with the cell surface of cultured Rous sarcoma virus-transformed chondrocytes. Detachment of these cells from their substratum by a variety of reagents is accompanied by release of 75-100% of this hyaluronate into solution. Treatment of the cells with 200 U/ml protease-free Streptomyces hyaluronidase at 37 degrees C cause release(More)
Fish scales are a form of calcified tissue similar to that found in human bone. In medaka scales, we detected both osteoblasts and osteoclasts and subsequently developed a new scale assay system. Using this system, we analyzed the osteoblastic and osteoclastic responses under 2-, 3-, and 4-gravity (G) loading by both centrifugation and vibration. After(More)
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