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Evaluation of doctoral programs in nursing is becoming more important with the rapid increase in the programs in Japan. This study aimed to evaluate doctoral nursing programs by faculty members and to analyze the relationship of the evaluation with educational and research activities of faculty members in Japan. Target settings were all 46 doctoral nursing(More)
Evaluation of doctoral education in nursing is needed with the rapid increase in doctoral nursing programs in Japan. This study aimed to compare the evaluations of doctoral nursing education by students, graduates, and faculty. All 46 doctoral nursing programs in Japan were target settings. 127 students who had been in the doctoral program, 24 graduates and(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to examine the current state and issues of doctoral nursing programs from the perspective of recipients of the educational process. METHODS All 46 doctoral nursing programs in Japan in 2008 were asked to participate in this study and 28 programs agreed to participate. The questionnaire had 3 sections that evaluated the(More)
Lone trees, rows of trees, groves, and hedges (in this study called “isolated trees and hedges”) dot many Satoyama landscapes in Japan. They have traditionally played an important role in agriculture and horticulture, in the production of firewood, and as windbreaks, boundaries, and screens. Through this investigation of a suburban Satoyama landscape in(More)
Infrared waveguide spectroscopy using a sapphire rod coated with an amorphous fluoropolymer (Cytop, Asahi Glass Co., ltd, Japan) has been developed in order to directly observe CO2 in aqueous solutions. Since the amorphous fluoropolymer has a relatively high gas-permeability and hydrophobic feature, the aqueous CO2 transmits into the amorphous fluoropolymer(More)
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