Yuko Hamazumi

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In human cells, MAP4, a microtubule-associated protein ubiquitously expressed in proliferating cells, has been shown to undergo in vivo phosphorylation. Two phosphorylation sites, serines 696 and 787, lie within the proline-rich region of its microtubule-binding domain. To test the hypothesis that phosphorylation at these sites influences microtubule(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) is a proline-directed Ser/Thr kinase that plays important roles in various neuronal activities, including neuronal migration, synaptic activity, and neuronal cell death. Cdk5 is activated by association with a neuron-specific activator, p35 or its isoform p39, but little is known about the kinase activity of Cdk5--p39. In(More)
This paper demonstrates 32/spl times/10 Gbit/s transmission over 1.55 /spl mu/m dispersion-shifted fiber. The channels are seamlessly allocated from 1546 nm to 1587 nm. Wideband optical amplifiers employing distributed Raman amplification are used as in-line amplifiers.
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