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Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a rare disease characterized by intraperitoneal accumulation of mucinous ascites produced by neoplastic cells, which mostly originate from an appendiceal adenoma. The clinical presentation of the disease varies, and preoperative diagnosis is often difficult. This report describes a 76-year-old female patient with pseudomyxoma(More)
Isolated periportal tuberculous lymphadenopathy is a rare clinical entity. This report describes a 56-year-old woman with the disease, who showed characteristic findings on clinical imaging studies. Computed tomography showed a low-density mass with peripheral enhancement and calcification, adjacent to the pancreatic head and caudate lobe of the liver.(More)
Mixed-type liposarcoma is a rare soft tissue tumor. This report describes a 50-year-old man with retroperitoneal mixed-type liposarcoma that consisted of four pathologically different components. Preoperative CT and MRI showed a giant retroperitoneal mass composed of several nodules with various attenuation and signal intensity. At laparotomy, the tumor(More)
Patients with spinal cord injury experience changes in the cardiovascular system and a high morbidity associated with peripheral artery disease. We report a case of acute aortic occlusion in a patient with chronic paralysis due to spinal cord injury. A 65-year-old man with chronic paralysis due to spinal cord injury developed mottling of the right(More)
BACKGROUND Gallbladder perforation is a rare clinical condition, which mostly occurs following acute cholecystitis associated with cholelithiasis. A tumor of the ampulla of Vater causes gradually progressive symptoms, and is rarely associated with perforation of the gallbladder. CASE PRESENTATION A 56-year-old man with carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater(More)
of gastric ulcer, we determine the relative indication for operation through the reaction of the ulcer to treatment. When medical treatment was decided on this method of diagnosis through treatment, the course was favorable giving the rate of cure of 82%. In cases in which the poor response to such treatment suggested the indication for operation but(More)
To improve the quality of life of patients suffering from spinal cord injury, "Catheterizable cecostomy" operation have recently been carried out. In the procedure, cathetelizable stoma is opened and patients are able to control the excretion by injecting enema solution through the stoma. Although operations are usually performed under general anesthesia(More)
A 57-year-old woman underwent right hemicolectomy (D3) due to transverse colon cancer with multiple liver and peritoneal metastasis. Administration of oral UFT+Leucovorin was started postoperatively. After 6 months, the multiple liver metastases completely disappeared without any adverse reaction. After 14 months, no other recurrence was found by CT scan.(More)