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Leakage of secret information have increasingly become a social problem. Information leaks typically target specified organizations or persons, considering the magnitude of risk involved in information security as a part of business activity. This paper aims to identify the causes of information leaks by applying the organization theory and the statistical(More)
The leakage of secret information has increasingly become a social problem. Information leaks typically result from the targeting of specific organizations or persons and are based on a variety of factors. One factor common to the majority of leaks is the relationship between corporate culture and information morals. Organizations that lack robust standards(More)
In today's world, ensuring the security of personally identifiable information is becoming more of a challenge. Many organizations protect their information assets by focusing on security breaches and increasing their expenses for security technologies; however, it is impossible to eliminate incidents and accidents simply by applying security technologies.(More)
Building fire puts great threat on people’s lives and causes huge numbers of fatalities each year. In 2007, total fire death in the United States alone was 3,430. The number of fatalities is distributed among residential 75.5%, non-residential 3.6%, vehicle 16.7%, outside 1.6%, and other 2.6%. Although much research has been done on building fire simulation(More)
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