Yukitoshi Minami Shiguematsu

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We propose a two-stage gait pattern generation scheme for the full-scale humanoid robots, that considers the dynamics of the system throughout the process. The fist stage is responsible for generating semi-dynamically consistent step position and step time information, while the second stage incorporated with multi-body dynamics system is responsible for(More)
In this paper we tackle the problem of visually predicting surface friction for environments with diverse surfaces, and integrating this knowledge into biped robot locomotion planning. The problem is essential for autonomous robot locomotion since diverse surfaces with varying friction abound in the real world, from wood to ceramic tiles, grass or ice,(More)
We propose a novel heel-contact toe-o® walking pattern generator for a biped humanoid robot. It is divided in two stages: a simple model stage where a Linear Inverted Pendulum (LIP) based heel-contact toe-o® walking model based on the so-called functional rockers of the foot (heel, ankle and forefoot rockers) is used to calculate step positions and timings,(More)
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