Yukitaka Ishimoto

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World's first monolithically integrated Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) SRAM configuration circuits over 90nm 9 layers of Cu interconnect CMOS is successfully fabricated at 300mm LSI mass production line for 3-dimensional Field Programmable Gate Arrays (3D-FPGA). This novel technology built over the 9 th layer of Cu metal features aggressively scaled amorphous(More)
We study a Wess-Zumino-Witten model with target space AdS 3 ×(S 3 ×S 3 ×S 1)/Z 2. This allows us to construct space-time N = 3 superconformal theories. By combining left-, and right-moving parts through a GSO and a Z 2 projections, a new asymmetric (N , N) = (3, 1) model is obtained. It has an extra gauge (Kac-Moody) SU (2) symmetry in the target space of(More)
There exist logarithmic CFTs(LCFTs) such as the c p,1 models. It is also well known that it generally contains Jordan cell structure. In this paper, we obtain the boundary Ishibashi state for a rank-2 Jordan cell structure and, with these states in c = −2 rational LCFT, we derive boundary states in the closed string picture, which correspond to boundary(More)
In order to describe two-dimensionally packed cells in epithelial tissues both mathematically and physically, there have been developed several sorts of geometrical models, such as the vertex model, the finite element model, the cell-centered model, the cellular Potts model. So far, in any case, pressures have not neatly been dealt with and the curvatures(More)
In the olfactory epithelium (OE), olfactory cells (OCs) and supporting cells (SCs), which express different cadherins, are arranged in a characteristic mosaic pattern in which OCs are enclosed by SCs. However, the mechanism underlying this cellular patterning is unclear. Here, we show that the cellular pattern of the OE is established by cellular(More)
Amongst conformal field theories, there exist logarithmic conformal field theories such as c p,1 models. We have investigated c p,q models with a boundary in search of logarithmic theories and have found logarithmic solutions of two-point functions in the context of the Coulomb gas picture. We have also found the relations between coefficients in the(More)
In southern India, there are traditional patterns of line-drawings encircling dots, called " Kolam " , among which one-line drawings or the " infinite Kolam " provide very interesting questions in mathematics. For example, we address the following simple question: how many patterns of infinite Kolam can we draw for a given grid pattern of dots? The simplest(More)
3d Chern-Simons gauge theory has a strong connection with 2d conformal field theory and, especially, link invariants in knot theory. On this conventional correspondence, 2d CFT possesses the same gauge symmetry as original CS theory does. In this paper we impose some constraints on the D(2|1; α) CS gauge theory in the similar context of the hamiltonian(More)
The morphologies of ectodermal organs are shaped by appropriate combinations of several deformation modes, such as invagination and anisotropic tissue elongation. However, how multicellular dynamics are coordinated during deformation processes remains to be elucidated. Here, we developed a four-dimensional (4D) analysis system for tracking cell movement and(More)