Yukio Yasuhara

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Recently, immersive projection technology (IPT) systems such as CAVE and CABIN have attracted great attention. In IPT systems, since we can experience virtual environments with whole body, these can provide high immersive virtual environments. To interact with virtual environments easily, IPT systems often adopt one-handed input systems. However, by using(More)
We are interested in the omni-directional display system as one of 3D displays. The omni-directional display is good to observe displaying objects by some users. Therefore, a special controller for the omni-directional display is necessary to realize interactive operations from any positions around the display system. So far, we have developed a PDA(More)
We developed a 3D data transmitting and displaying system with an omni-directional display for group learning. The omni-directional display system enables many users to watch 3D images from each viewpoint without wearing special devices. Therefore, we consider that the omni-directional display is an effective 3D displaying method in the environment of group(More)
We have commonly employed medical images, not including X-ray photography, which have their image enhanced by taking advantage of certain characteristics of the human body to look for some valuable medical information. In general, the medical imaging modalities have employed an image acquisition method which enhances a certain feature of the seat of a(More)
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