Yukio Takeda

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More than thirty years after the initial concepts, commercial Delta and Delta-like robots serve a niche market for high-speed pick-and-place applications. Expired patents and new fields of application have led to increased research and innovative designs. By functionally extending the original translational Delta robot with additional serial chains,(More)
To provide timely and appropriate assistance, robots must have the capability of proactively understanding a user’s personal needs, the so-called human intention inference. In human–human interaction, humans have a natural and implicit way to infer others’ intentions by selecting correlated context features and interpreting these features based on their(More)
This paper discusses the design and implementation of a three dimensional magnetic tweezer system to achieve measurement of mechanical properties of living cells by touching a magnetically levitated micro probe to specimen cells. The system consists of a three dimensional magnetic tweezer, an inverted optical microscope for 3D probe position measurement,(More)
In the present paper, we discussed about a kinamatic design of 3-5R translational parallel mechanism with a large utility workspace. We defined the utility workspace as a closed area, from any point to other points in which the mechanism can move without suffering from singularity and workspace boundary. A computational algorithm of the volume of the(More)
We present a kinematic design of a translational parallel manipulator with fine adjustment capability of platform orientation (TPMFAO). In order to clarify possible kinematic structures for it, structural synthesis of fully decoupled mechanism and partially decoupled mechanism both with six degrees of freedom (dof) was carried out based on the synthesis(More)