Yukio Sadahiro

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This paper discusses the accuracy of spatial data estimated by areal interpolation. A stochastic model is proposed which represents areal interpolations in diverse geographic situations. The model is used to examine the relationship between estimation accuracy and the spatial distribution of estimation error from a theoretical viewpoint. The analysis shows(More)
  • Yukio Sadahiro
  • International Journal of Geographical Information…
  • 2000
This paper analyzes the accuracy of count data transferred from a zonal system to an incompatible zone through the areal weighting interpolation method. To treat a variety of situations in a theoretical framework, stochastic models representing areal weighting interpolation are developed. The relationship between the accuracy of estimates and the size of(More)
This paper develops statistical methods for analyzing the distribution of spatial objects -points, convex polygons, and line segments -in relation to a surface. We propose statistics for measuring the relationship between the distribution of these objects and a surface, and derive their expectations and variances under the null hypothesis that the objects(More)
The present paper analyzed the perception of spatial dispersion in the distribution of point objects. Spatial dispersion is one of the major concepts communicated by dot maps. To promote efficient communication of this concept, two experiments were conducted for investigating the relationship between the perception of spatial dispersion and the following(More)
Uncertainty is unavoidable in spatial data. Though this fact is widely recognized in the GIS community, it is often assumed in spatial analysis that spatial data are accurate and thus analyses of the data are reliable, which is usually not the case. It is necessary to discuss from both theoretical and practical viewpoints how uncertainty in spatial data(More)