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Phosphorylation at a highly conserved serine residue (Ser-10) in the histone H3 tail is considered to be a crucial event for the onset of mitosis. This modification appears early in the G(2) phase within pericentromeric heterochromatin and spreads in an ordered fashion coincident with mitotic chromosome condensation. Mutation of Ser-10 is essential in(More)
The present study examined the role of phospholipase D2 (PLD2) in the regulation of depolarization-induced neurite outgrowth and the expression of growth-associated protein-43 (GAP-43) and synapsin I in rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells. Depolarization of PC12 cells with 50 mmol/L KCl increased neurite outgrowth and elevated mRNA and protein expression of(More)
Neuronal protein NP25 is a neuron-specific protein present in highly differentiated neural cells, but its functional properties have not been well characterized. NP25 shows high amino acid sequence homology with the smooth muscle cell cytoskeleton-associated proteins, SM22, mp20, and calponin. To gain an insight into the biological functions of NP25, we(More)
BACKGROUND Rho-associated coiled-coil containing protein kinase (Rho-kinase/ROCK) is involved in various cellular functions including cell proliferation, and is generally considered to be oncogenic, while some studies show that ROCK functions as a negative regulator of cancer progression. As a result, the precise role of ROCK remains controversial. We have(More)
The color reproduction characteristics of LCD (liquid crystal display) panels are different from those of CRT (cathode ray tube) displays. This paper describes how the authors measured and analyzed such characteristics of LCD panels to develop new methods for compensating the bluish cast found on conventional LCDs. The first one is a hardware-based(More)
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