Yukio Maruyama

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BACKGROUND The incidence of and mortality from lung cancer have increased steadily. Most lung cancers are not localised when first detected, but early detection is mandatory to improve prognosis. Since curable early cases are hard to visualise with conventional chest radiography, a new diagnostic means must be found. We assessed whether population-based(More)
PURPOSE We report cross-sectional images of diabetic macular edema and correlation between tomographic features and visual acuity with best correction by means of optical coherence tomography. METHOD In a prospective study, optical coherence tomography was performed in 59 eyes of 42 patients with diabetic macular edema and in 10 eyes of 10 normal control(More)
RANTES (regulated on activation normal T cell expressed and secreted) is one of the natural ligands for the chemokine receptor CCR5 and potently suppresses in vitro replication of the R5 strains of HIV-1, which use CCR5 as a coreceptor. Previous studies showed that peripheral blood mononuclear cells or CD4(+) lymphocytes obtained from different individuals(More)
Nervous or hormonal stimulation of many exocrine glands evokes release of cellular K+ (ref. 1), as originally demonstrated in mammalian salivary glands2,3, and is associated with a marked increase in membrane conductance1,4,5. We now demonstrate directly, by using the patch-clamp technique6, the existence of a K+ channel with a large conductance localized(More)
We report here the results of therapeutic trials in 200 patients with HTLV-I-associated myelopathy (HAM)/tropical spastic paraparesis (TSP) conducted in our department between 1986 and 1993. Motor disability grades were improved by more than one grade in 69.5% (91/131) of patients by oral administration of prednisolone, 50% (3/6) by eperisone hydrochloride(More)
We compared effects of ambient (360 vpm) and elevated (720 vpm) carbon dioxide concentration ([CO2]) and high and low nutrient supply rates on stem growth, annual ring structure and tracheid anatomy of Siberian larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) seedlings over two growing seasons. Elevated [CO2] had no significant effect on either stem height or diameter growth;(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of annual screening for lung cancer by low-dose computed tomography (CT) and the characteristics of identified lung cancers. Subjects consisted of 5483 general population aged 40-74 years, who received initial CT scans in 1996, followed by repeat annual scans for most subjects in 1997 and 1998, with a(More)
Ca2+- and voltage-activated K+ channels are found in many electrically excitable cells and have an important role in regulating electrical activity. Recently, the large K+ channel has been found in the baso-lateral plasma membranes of salivary gland acinar cells, where it may be important in the regulation of salt transport. Using patch-clamp methods to(More)
Disrupted-in-schizophrenia-1 (DISC1) is one of major susceptibility factors for a wide range of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and autism spectrum conditions. DISC1 is located in several subcellular domains, such as the centrosome and the nucleus, and interacts with various proteins, including NudE-like(More)