Yukio Fukui

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This paper deals with characteristics of accommodation evoked by perceived depth sensation and the dynamic relationship between accommodation and vergence, applying newly developed optical measurement apparatuses. A total of five subjects looked at three different two-dimensional stimuli and two different three-dimensional stimuli; namely a real image and a(More)
In the present paper, we propose a novel 3D shape descriptor by performing multiresolution wavelet analysis on shape orientation. We consider the spatial orientation of the polygon surfaces of a shape as important information and characterize this information by setting view planes. We then analyze these view planes by multiresolution wavelet analysis, a(More)
We present an interactive system that allows users to design original pop-up cards. A pop-up card is an interesting form of papercraft consisting of folded paper that forms a three-dimensional structure when opened. However, it is very difficult for the average person to design pop-up cards from scratch because it is necessary to understand the mechanism(More)
In most surgical training systems, task completion time and error ratio are common metrics of surgical skill. To avoid applying unnecessary and injurious force to the tissue, surgeons must know for themselves how much force they are exerting as they handle surgical tools. Our goal is to develop an endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) training system that(More)
Rapidly spreading 3D shape applications have led to the development of content-based 3D shape retrieval research. In this paper, we propose a new retrieval method using Spherical Healpix. Spherical Healpix is a new framework for efficient discretization and fast analysis or synthesis of functions defined on the sphere. We analyzed the construction process(More)