Yukinori Sakiyama

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Thermal decomposition of ultrathin oxide layers on silicon surface was investigated with temperature programed desorption. Oxide layers were formed on Si(100) at 400 degrees C by exposure to O(2) molecular beam. Desorption spectrum for oxygen coverages between 1.7 and 2.6 ML exhibits a single dominant peak with an additional broad peak at lower(More)
Indirect air dielectric barrier discharge in close proximity to water creates an acidified, nitrogen-oxide containing solution known as plasma-activated water (PAW), which remains antibacterial for several days. Suspensions of E. coli were exposed to PAW for either 15 min or 3 h over a 7-day period after PAW generation. Both exposure times yielded initial(More)
We demonstrate a validation of the intermolecular pair potential model of SiH(4), which is constructed from ab initio molecular-orbital calculations and expressed as the sum of the exponential and the London dispersion terms. The saturated liquid densities of SiH(4) are calculated for temperatures from 100 to 225 K by molecular-dynamics (MD) simulation. The(More)
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