Yukinori Nagatani

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We formulate field theories in fractal space and show the phase diagrams of the coupling versus the fractal dimension for the dynamical symmetry breaking. We first consider the 4-dimensional Gross-Neveu (GN) model in the (4 − d)dimensional randomized Cantor space where the fermions are restricted to a fractal space by the high potential barrier of Cantor(More)
Backreaction of the dynamical Casimir effect is investigated by a scalar effective theory in 1 + 1 dimensions. The adiabatic approximation allows us to treat the size of the space as a dynamical variable described by the Robertson-Walker type metric. The effective action for the size of the space is obtained with the background field method in the(More)
A structure of the radiation-ball which is identified as a Schwarzschild black hole is found out by investigating the backreaction of Hawking radiation into space-time. The structure consists of the radiation which is gravitationally bounded in the ball and of a singularity. The entropy of the radiation in the ball is proportional to the surface-area of the(More)
We investigate the Hawking radiation in the gauge-Higgs-Yukawa theory. The ballistic model is proposed as an effective description of the system. We find that a spherical domain wall around the black hole is formed by field dynamics rather than thermal phase-transition. The formation is a general property of the black hole whose Hawking temperature is equal(More)
A measuring method sensitive to prolyl endopeptidase (EC, PEP) activity using native peptides (Arg-vasopressin or substance P) as substrates was established. The investigation of three different derivatization reagents, which had been developed for an amino acid analysis, demonstrated that 4-fluoro-7-nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole (NBDF) was the(More)
Bosonic formulation of the negative energy sea, so called Dirac sea, is proposed by constructing a hole theory for bosons as a new formulation of the second quantization of bosonic fields. The original idea of Dirac sea for fermions, where the vacuum state is considered as a state completely filled by fermions of negative energy and holes in the sea are(More)
In bosonic formulation of the negative energy sea, so called Dirac sea presented in the preceding paper [arXiv:hep-th/0603242], one of the crucial points is how to construct a positive definite inner product in the negative energy states, since naive attempts would lead to non-positive definite ones. In the preceding paper the non-local method is used to(More)
We show that a spherical electroweak domain wall is formed around a small black hole and this is a general property of the Hawking radiation in the vacuum of the Standard Model. The wall appears not only for the first order phase transition in the electroweak theory but also for the second order one because the black hole heats up its neighborhood locally(More)
A structure model for black holes is proposed by mean field approximation of gravity. The model, which consists of a charged singularity at the center and quantum fluctuation of fields around the singularity, is similar to the atomic structure. The model naturally quantizes the black hole. Especially we find the minimum black hole, whose structure is(More)