Yukinobu Yagyu

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This report describes the long-term operative outcome of 72 patients with spina bifida cystica. The period of follow-up was between 4 and 20 years. In our series, 17 patients died, with the mortality rate increasing as the lesions were more rostral. All cases involving only a meningocele are living without handicap. The cases of spina bifida cystica with(More)
The effect on mouse typhoid infection of a 3-day treatment of female virgin mice with 1 mg/day of female sex hormones (estrogen or progesterone), maintaining the same hormonal levels observed in pregnant mice for 30 days, was investigated in order to clarify the mechanisms of altered resistance during pregnancy. Estrogen-exposed mice were more susceptible(More)
BACKGROUND Alzheimer's disease and major depression are representative diseases that present forgetfulness and a depressive mood. It is often difficult to make a differential diagnosis between the two in the initial phase. AIM To evaluate the differential diagnosis method using regional cerebral blood flow patterns with a three-dimensional stereotactic(More)
INTRODUCTION We have occasionally seen ring-shaped lateral ventricular nodules <1 cm in diameter during routine brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We investigated retrospectively clinical and MRI findings of the nodules. MATERIALS AND METHODS Review of radiological records was performed for 39,607 patients who underwent brain MRI between January 2001(More)
A necropsy case of a primary rhabdomyosarcoma with chronic paragonimiasis in the cerebrum of a 68-year-old man is reported. The clinical data showed a right hemiplegia and dysarthria which became lethal in 6 months even though operation and radiation therapy were performed. Computed tomography revealed a large low-density area associated with the peripheral(More)
This report describes long-term operative outcome of 24 cases with occipital encephalocele. The follow-up periods are between 4 and 20 years. Of the 24 patients with occipital encephalocele, two have died. Of the 22 living patients, 16 are living without neurological deficit, while six are disabled mentally and/or physically. Four cases of encephalocele(More)
Using 11C-Pittsburgh compound B (PiB)-PET and MRI volume data, we investigated whether white matter (WM) PiB uptake in Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain is larger than that of cortical PiB uptake-negative (PiB-negative) brain. Forty-five subjects who underwent both PiB-PET and MRI were included in the study (32 AD patients with cortical PiB-positive and 13(More)
The nerve endings of normal hair of the rat's snout, partially digested with trypsin and hydrochloric acid, were studied by scanning electron microscopy. Each lanceolate structure measured ca. 10 microns in length and was arranged around the hair follicle. These palisade-shaped nerve endings were situated almost beneath the sebaceous glands, ran upward,(More)