Yukinobu Hoshino

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In this paper, we present an application of soft computing into a decision support system RETS: Rheumatic Evaluation and Treatment System in Oriental Medicine (OM). Inputs of the system are severities of observed symptoms on patients and outputs are a diagnosis of rheumatic states, its explanations and herbal prescriptions. First, an outline of the proposed(More)
Townscape colours have been a main issue in urban-development. For townscape colours, keeping colour harmony within the environment is a common goal. Expressing characteristics and impressions of the town in townscape colours are other meaningful goals. This paper describes the colour planning support system intended to improve townscapes. The system offers(More)
In this paper, we present a computing model for diagnosis and prescription in oriental medicine. Inputs to the model are severities of symptoms observed on patients and outputs from the model are a diagnosis of disease states and treatment herbal prescriptions. First, having used rule inference with a Gaussian distribution , the most serious disease state(More)