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An isoprenylated flavanone from Glycyrrhiza glabra and rec-assay of licorice phenols 1 Part 22 in th
A new prenylated 3-hydroxypyranoflavanone, kanzonol Z, was isolated from cultivated licorice and the structure elucidated from spectral evidence, and the stereochemical structure was shown to be ( α R )-3,5′-diprenyl- α,2,4,4′-tetrahydroxydihydrochalcone by Mosher's method. Expand
A fully automated phosphopeptide purification system for large-scale phosphoproteome analysis.
Using this system, a peptide fraction including >90% phosphopeptides could be obtained highly reproducibly from a tryptic digest of a complex protein mixture, i.e. a Xenopus egg cytosol fraction, without any pre-treatment. Expand