Yukiko Mihara

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Using quantitative Bayesian analysis as a clinical epidemiological approach, we developed a diagnosis for lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). We retrospectively reviewed the charts of 181 subjects--a derivation cohort-with MRSA retrieved from lower respiratory specimens June 2006 to March 2008.(More)
A new general method for the synthesis of a variety of 1-azasugars with a nitrogen atom at the anomeric position is described. The readily available chiral N-Boc-5-hydroxy-3-piperidene 3 is transformed to isofagomine (2), homoisofagomine (13), and 5'-deoxyisofagomine (14) via stereoselective epoxidation and regioselective ring-cleavage in a highly(More)
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