Yukikatsu Nakada

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We describe four infants with a novel subtype of an isolated deficiency of one of the peroxisomal beta-oxidation enzymes with detectable enzyme protein. The patients showed characteristic clinical and biochemical abnormalities, including hypotonia, psychomotor retardation, hepatomegaly, typical facial appearance, accumulation of very-long-chain fatty acids,(More)
A survey of severely mentally and physically disabled children (SDC) aged 6-15 years was conducted in Okinawa. There were a total of 170 SDC on 1 May 1989, the prevalence rate being 0.89/1,000. The prevalence rate of SDC over the last 20 years has shown a decreasing trend, which seems to be associated with the decreased incidence of cerebral palsy (CP) in(More)
Acute hemodynamic and coronary vasodilating effects of nicorandol (SG-75, Sigmat; CAS 65141-46-0) and glyceryl trinitrate (GTN, nitroglycerin) were examined in 20 subjects under cardiac catheterization and coronary arteriography. Nicorandil 4 mg i.v. produced significant increases in heart rate, cardiac index and stroke volume index and significant(More)
High school students (N = 902) in Okinawa were asked to participate in a questionnaire survey which was designed to investigate the psychosocial factors in the psychosomatic symptoms of adolescents. The questionnaire focused on mental distress, perception of school and home environment and psychosomatic symptoms. The Japanese Edition Cornell Medical(More)
Three infants with peroxisomal disorders were investigated clinicobiochemically and neuroradiologically. Two had classical Zellweger syndrome, and cranial CT scans showed typical disproportionate enlargement of the occipital horns of the lateral ventricles (colpocephaly) with marked hypodensity of the white matter. In one female infant, although the(More)
There were 16 cases (11 males and 5 females) of SSPE in Okinawa from 1977 to 1999. The incidence was 0.58 per million population per year for the last 23 years, being higher than in other reports in Japan. Six of the 16 cases contracted measles in 1990. The measles antibody of SSPE cases after 1989 became lower than previously.
We evaluated 35 patients with cerebral palsy on the basis of MR imaging findings in the brain. The types of palsy were spastic quadriplegia (n = 11), spastic diplegia (n = 9), spastic hemiplegia (n = 2), double hemiplegia (n = 1), athetosis (n = 10) and mixed (n = 2). Of all patients, 28 (80%) generated abnormal findings. In spastic quadriplegia, although(More)
The prevalence rate of severely mentally and physically disabled children (SDC) aged 6-15 years in Okinawa prefecture on 1 May 1989 was 0.74/1000 (143/192,038) according to Oshima's classification, compared with 0.89/1000 (170/192,038) according to the Ministry of Education's classification with minor modifications. The number of children in region classes(More)
We studied sixty-three children of severe motor and intellectual disabilities syndrome aged between 3 and 5 years, who live in Okinawa. Severe motor and intellectual disabilities syndrome were defined as those who belong to classes 1 approximately 4 of Ohshima's classification (incapable of walking with IQs not more than 35). The prevalence rate was about(More)