Yukihito Tsuchiya

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We examined the changes in pulmonary function values in 27 patients who underwent a lobectomy due to cystic lung disease and compared the results regarding such factors as disease type, age at operation, and preoperative infections. Percent vital capacity (%VC) decreased immediately after lobectomy, but recovered to normal values within 2 postoperative(More)
Though the pathologic changes, which seem to intercept extrahepatic bile flow, involve in the common bile duct and the surrounding organs, jaundice manifests not always clinically. So, we have been investigating the morphological factors contributing to the clinical manifestation of jaundice in the pathologic changes of the common bile duct and its(More)
table was reported, which enabled us to perform horizontal-beam fluoroscopy and spot-roentgenography with patient in recumbent position. Applying this table to the examination of the stomach one can under fluoroscopic control take a roentgenogram which visualizes without superimposition both the barium-filled profile picture (tangential view) of the(More)
It is the purpose of this report to investigate how the hyperbil i rubinemia is developed in the obstructive jaundice. After aH-bilirubin was injected intravenously to the ra ts whose bile ducts had been ligated 7 days previously, the blood samples were wi thdrawn at 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240 minutes. The same procedures were also performed about the(More)
BACKGROUND Plaintiffs of the gefitinib (Iressa) lawsuits in Japan started in 2004 were defeated in the Supreme Court in 2013. The Court judged it was not possible to foresee the outbreak of deaths caused by interstitial pneumonia due to gefitinib from death cases before approval of this drug. OBJECTIVE We attempted to verify validity of this judgment. (More)
47 cases procedured for B anastomosis were yearly observed, because of simple tecnique with lower mortality, with the results that the post-operative complaints were on the decrease in three years after operation. Although this tecnique with 13 anastomosis is excellent, it is not yet satisfactory in respects of esophagitis. It was revealed that the(More)
A comparative study was made on the presence or absence of cirrhosis as well as the relationship between splenomegaly and sex in cases of chronic schistosomiasis japonica permitting histologic investigation of the liver. 1) 81 (22.4%) of 332 patients presented cirrhosis of the liver associated with the condition (portal form in 75 and postnecrotic in 6(More)
Immobil izat ion has been employed as an useful method for the exper imenta l product ion of gas t r ic lesion in the rat . However, the endeavor of the present s tudy was aimed a t some methodological development to produce chronic ulcer, and some considerat ion was given in i ts mechanism. Subjects: Albino ra ts of Wistar-King A s t ra in were used. These(More)
we examined the observation of pathological histology mainly, the climical progress, the observation of gastric camera and the change of the condition of gastric ulcer. To reproduce the mucous membrane of the base of ulcer is a considerably good condition for gastr ic ulcer. The cases of over 6 month after continual internal t rea tment were mostly U1 IV(More)