Yukihiro Morimoto

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BACKGROUND Psycho-oncological care, including spiritual care, is essential for cancer patients. Integrated medicine, a therapy combining modern western medicine with various kinds of complementary and alternative medicine, can be appropriate for the spiritual care of cancer because of the multidimensional characteristics of the spirituality. In particular,(More)
Using the public survey “The Top 100 Japanese Rural Landscapes” conducted by Asahi Shimbun Newspaper Company in 2008, this study attempted to analyze public perception of rural landscapes and their cultural value. A total of 3,024 nominated sites were given coordinates and combined with land use and topographic datasets using a GIS, and classified into(More)
In recent times, there has been an increasing awareness of the traditional Japanese rural landscape, or Satoyama. Satoyama is observed to provide a “backyard” for rice paddies, to accommodate biodiversity hotspots, to act as a model of sustainable ecosystem management, and it represents Japan’s beautiful ancestral homeland. However, land-use changes,(More)
Drought-induced anomalies in vegetation condition over wide areas can be observed by using time-series satellite remote sensing data. Previous methods to assess the anomalies may include limitations in considering (1) the seasonality in terms of each vegetation-cover type, (2) cumulative damage during the drought event, and (3) the application to various(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Microsatellite markers were developed to investigate genetic diversity and genetic structure of Euryale ferox, a vulnerable aquatic plant. METHODS AND RESULTS Ten microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized for this species. Eight loci showed polymorphisms with two or three alleles per locus. As for the polymorphic markers,(More)
Leaf chlorophyll quantification is a key technique in tree vigor assessment. Although many studies have been conducted on nondestructive and in-field spectroscopic determination, it is reasonable to develop species-specific chlorophyll indices for accurate determination, because leaf spectra can vary independently of chlorophyll content due to leaf surface(More)
In Japan, rice paddies have acted as a substitute habitat for pond-breeding frogs. However, since the 1950s, agricultural modernization has altered the rice paddy environment, and pond-breeding frog populations have been decreasing. This agricultural modernization has led to rice paddy fragmentation via roadways and the construction of deep channels. To(More)
We evaluated the effectiveness of integrating discrete return light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data with high spatial resolution near-infrared digital imagery for object-based classification of land cover types and dominant tree species. In particular we adopted LiDAR ratio features based on pulse attributes that have not been used in past studies.(More)
Quantitative assessment of forests is important at a variety of scales for forest planning and management. This study investigated the use of small-footprint discrete-return lidar for estimating stand volume in broad-leaved forest at plot level. Field measurements were conducted at 20 sample plots in the study area in western Japan, composed of temperate(More)
We estimated leaf area index (LAI) and canopy openness of broad-leaved forest using discrete return and small-footprint airborne laser scanner (ALS) data. We tested four ALS variables, including two newly proposed ones, using three echo types (first, last, and only) and three classes (ground, vegetation, and upper vegetation), and compared the accuracy by(More)