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BACKGROUND/AIMS We studied the effect of Inchin-ko-to (TJ-135), a herb medicine that has been clinically used for liver cirrhosis in Japan, on liver fibrosis in a rat model and on the function of stellate cells. METHODS Rat liver fibrosis was generated by thioacetamide (TAA) administration. DNA synthesis was assessed by 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine(More)
One diagnostic criterion for metabolic syndrome is obesity from the accumulation of visceral fat; others include abdominal circumference and area of visceral fat as measured by computed tomography (CT) at the umbilical level. We evaluated visceral fat using frequency-selective excitation magnetic resonance (MR) imaging SPAIR (spectral attenuation with(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS We tested the pharmacological action of sulfur-containing amino acids on the development of liver fibrosis in rats and on the function of cultured stellate cells. METHODS Liver fibrosis was induced in rats by thioacetamide administration or by ligating the common bile duct. DNA synthesis of cultured stellate cells was evaluated by BrdU(More)
A novel supramolecular oligomer, cyclic polylactate (CPL), was first discovered in the culture medium of HeLa-S tumour cells, and was reported to inhibit the growth of FM3A ascites tumour cells by inhibiting the activities of pyruvate kinase (PK) and lactic dehydrogenase (LDH). We have now synthesized CPL-containing oligomers with polymerization numbers(More)
The prolactin binding in obstructive lesions and tumours of salivary glands was described by use of the immunohistochemical PAP technique. Normal salivary glands had prolactin binding cells in the striated ducts only. Chronic obstructive lesions of submandibular glands showed negative immunoreaction for prolactin binding in ductal cells, but positive(More)
We attempted to measure the area and volume of visceral fat using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging to avoid radiation exposure. We used water suppression-spectral attenuation with inversion recovery (WS-SPAIR) as prepulses and conducted T(1) high-resolution isotropic volume examination (THRIVE). Image processing software can be used to estimate the area and(More)
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