Yukihiko Yoshida

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Unexplained cardiac arrest (UCA) with documented ventricular fibrillation (VF) is a major cause of sudden cardiac death. Abnormal sympathetic innervations have been shown to be a trigger of ventricular fibrillation. Further, adequate expression of SEMA3A was reported to be critical for normal patterning of cardiac sympathetic innervation. We investigated(More)
AIMS Managed ventricular pacing (MVP) and Search AV+ are representative dual-chamber pacing algorithms for minimizing ventricular pacing (VP). This randomized, crossover study aimed to examine the difference in ability to reduce percentage of VP (%VP) between these two algorithms. METHODS AND RESULTS Symptomatic bradyarrhythmia patients implanted with a(More)
In order to investigate why crystal symmetry lowers with increasing temperature by phase transition of T II–III (=369 K) in Cs 3 H(SeO 4) 2 , in spite of the fact that crystal symmetry in the high-temperature phase of many ionic conductors becomes higher by the phase transition, we have studied the relation between the change in crystal symmetry and the(More)
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