Yukihide Akiyama

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It is known that an n-channel MOSFET, operating in the saturation region, is accompanied by visible light emission. The spectral distribution of this emitted light is reported in this paper for the first time. It behaves as exp (-α . hv) under various bias conditions (α: constant); the energy state of hot electrons is described as a(More)
Forests are one of the most important carbon sinks on Earth. However, owing to the complex structure, variable geography, and large area of forests, accurate estimation of forest carbon stocks is still a challenge for both site surveying and remote sensing. For these reasons, the Kyoto Protocol requires the establishment of methodologies for estimating the(More)
Thermal emissive properties of microstructured surfaces are measured in the near-infrared region. Two-dimensional periodic microstructured surfaces with metal coatings are fabricated with Si anisotropic etching and laser ablation techniques. The structural periods of the samples are 2.0 and 1.5 microm. Clear selective-emission bands are observed(More)
We have succeeded in investigating the terahertz transmission property of fiber-coupled micro-strip-line, aiming at utilizing the functionalized transmission line as a remote sensor head. Using a single-mode optical fiber, the spectral width of 1.2 THz is obtained after the 1 mm propagation of THz pulses. The width is narrower than that of 1.7 THz(More)
By using a blue laser is one of the leading methods to use in which to realize high density optical disk recording. We have reported a magneto-optical recording disk that uses a magnetically induced super resolution (MSR). In this paper, we have investigated high density MO recording by the combination of a blue laser and center aperture detection type of(More)
We developed a new layer structure of domain wall displacement detection (DWDD) optimized for a blue laser diode (LD) and confirmed that acceptable characteristics could be obtained. We tested readout and recording with a blue LD on this DWDD disk and confirmed that the jitter did not exceed 15% for bit lengths longer than 0.125 /spl mu/m at the track pitch(More)
The polarization-switching technique has been successfully applied to the enhancement of scattered anti-Stokes powers in the ultraviolet region. Anti-Stokes waves up to the fifth order were observed in stimulated rotational scattering of hydrogen, and their pulse widths were approximately 300 psec (FWHM), which is shorter than the dephasing time of the(More)
In view of the recent progress in visible lasers for next-generation optical disks, we describe the influence of source wavelength, aberration, and noise on eye-diagram jitter, which determines the ultimate disk density. The analysis indicates that the sources used in a readout of a 6× areal density, (4,22) run-length-limited code with a minimum mark length(More)
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