Yukie Tsuchida

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PURPOSE To develop a new method with which to visualize leukocytes moving through the choroidal vessels of pigmented animals and enable the evaluation of leukocyte dynamics in the choroidal microcirculation. METHODS Pigmented rabbits and monkeys were used in this study. Leukocytes, collected by centrifugal separation of autologous blood, were stained with(More)
Our previous experiment showed that the light intensity exposed on the subjects during evening time had no effect in the following morning on the efficiency of the digestion and absorption of dietary carbohydrates ingested at a usual suppertime. People who keep late hours usually have a late suppertime; thus, we examined the effects of a late suppertime on(More)
BACKGROUND Although recent advances in computer technology enable us to analyze gastrointestinal sounds data objectively with ease, this clinical application has been investigated in only a few disorders. To investigate one potential role of this approach in pediatric practice, we recorded and analyzed gastrointestinal sounds in infants with hypertrophic(More)
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