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The purpose of this study was to examine factors hindering the use of mouthguards and the incidence of orofacial injury among young male rugby players. 69 high school rugby players (Group 1) and 431 medical student rugby players (Group 2) participated in this study. Participants in Group 1 used custom-made mouthguards fabricated according to a standardized(More)
Tumor lymphangiogenesis is a major prognostic indicator of gastric cancer. Tumor-induced inflammation has been shown to attract tumor-associated macrophages that affect lymphangiogenesis. However, detailed mechanisms of macrophage-induced lymphangiogenesis have not been elucidated. Here, we evaluated the interaction between tumor-associated macrophages and(More)
Nanoparticle albumin-bound paclitaxel (nab-PTX, Abraxane®) does not require premedication, and it can be used for patients with alcohol intolerance. We administered nab-PTX to 31 patients with breast cancer between October 2010 and April 2013. Eighteen patients had progressive, recurring breast cancers and 13 patients had locally advanced operable breast(More)
BACKGROUND Tumour cells and stromal cells interact in the tumour microenvironment; moreover, stromal cells can acquire abnormalities that contribute to tumour progression. However, interactions between lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) and tumour cells are largely unexamined. In this study, we aimed to determine whether tumour-specific LECs inhabit the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Lymph node metastasis is the most important prognostic factor for patients with gastric cancer. Increasing evidence suggests that lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) regulate immune responses. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of LECs on the activation of CD4+ T cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined the impact of cancer(More)
A 74 -year-old man was hospitalized for chest pain. Chest computed tomography showed a 4 × 8 cm-sized tumor pressing on the left pectoralis major muscle. Subsequent imaging showed progression of the tumor along with rib erosion and intrapleural invasion. The patient was admitted to our hospital for a follow-up examination of the tumor. Bronchoscopy results(More)
BACKGROUND Adrenocoricotrophic hormone (ACTH) - independent bilateral adrenocortical macronodular hyperplasia (AIMAH) is a rare cause of Cushing's syndrome, and is characterized by bilateral adrenal hyperplasia. However, Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a relatively common adrenal disease. CASE PRESENTATION A 56-year-old man who has been treated hypertension(More)
Clinical outcomes, including adverse events, in 52 advanced breast cancer patients treated with eribulin chemotherapy after taxane treatment (TX) were analyzed to confirm the effectiveness and safety of this treatment.The objective response rate (ORR) in patients was 34.6% (TX group 31.6%, non-TX group 36.4%). There were no significant differences in(More)
We evaluated the usefulness and safety of a handheld vacuum-assisted biopsy system (VACORA®) in 253 lesions suspected to be malignant. Biopsy samples were successfully obtained from 252 lesions, and no complications occurred that required other treatments during or after the biopsy. The definitive diagnosis rate using VACORA / ®was 89.3% (226/253). For 27(More)
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