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The significance of antibody for streptolysin-O concerning tonsillectomy was studied. The results obtained were as follows. 1. The upper limit of ASO titer in 5,121 school children was 250 u and a value of more than 333 u was considered abnormal. But the level of the normal limit was different from year to year. 2. Among 143 cases with a high ASO titer of(More)
Throughout Japan a total of 543 cases of vitamin K deficiency occurring in infants over 2 weeks of age were reported from January 1981 to June 1985. Of these cases, 427 showed no obvious reasons for vitamin K deficiency; this sort of case is known as "idiopathic vitamin K deficiency in infancy". Another 57 cases had bleeding episodes due to vitamin K(More)
A mass screening system for the early detection by means of a vanillylmandelic acid test of neuroblastoma in 6-month-old infants in Japan has been developed in eight districts. 16 of the 281 939 infants screened by this test had neuroblastoma, equivalent to a very high incidence of 1 in 17 621. 15 of the 16 children with neuroblastoma are alive; the other(More)
Death statistics cards under 15 years of age submitted between 1979 and 1987 and coded as malignant neoplasms of organs or sites, in which neuroblastoma might affect, were inspected. A total of 1,037 cases of neuroblastoma death were identified. Total number of neuroblastoma deaths among those under 15 years of age ranged between 118 and 145 from 1979 to(More)
The occurrence of hemorrhagic disease due to vitamin K (VK) deficiency beyond the neonatal period has come under investigation in Japan. In 1980 the 1st nationwide survey was conducted in Japan by Nakayama and others, and was followed by the 2nd nationwide survey in 1985 by Hanawa. The present survey was designed to further monitor the incidence of this(More)
For the fluorimetric determination of isatin in human urine and serum, HPLC-postcolumn photoirradiation using a mobile phase has been developed. Isatin in the urine or serum sample was separated on a Capcell Pak C1 column (250 x 4.6 mm id). The mobile phase consisted of 70 mmol l-1 phosphate buffer (pH 7.2)-tetrahydrofuran (85 + 15% v/v) containing 5 mmol(More)
The present status of NB mass screening in Japan, which is the first national trial in the world, is presented. This program was conducted in cooperation with infants' mothers, local health centers, screening centers and hospitals. Three hundred and thirty-seven cases detected by the program, from the start in Kyoto in 1974 to the end of 1989, are analyzed.(More)
To determine risk factors in childhood malignancy, we compared parental and fetal exposure rates of some environmental factors among major children's malignancies based on 2722 cases of the Japan Children's Cancer Registry Database. The rates of parental exposure to irradiation, chemicals, and maternal dosage before and during pregnancies and of maternal(More)