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Infliximab therapy should be optimized to minimize immunogenicity, to prevent infusion reactions, and to maintain clinical response. Based on best available evidence, strategies include minimizing the formation of ATI by administering infliximab as a multidose induction therapy followed by scheduled maintenance regiment, the use of concurrent(More)
Regulation of DNA replication is critical, and loss of control can lead to DNA amplification. Naturally occurring, developmentally regulated DNA amplification occurs in the DNA puffs of the late larval salivary gland giant polytene chromosomes in the fungus fly, Sciara coprophila. The steroid hormone ecdysone induces DNA amplification in Sciara, and the(More)
Heredity plays an important causative role in a large percentage of colorectal cancers. Clinical recognition of the hereditary polyposis syndromes, hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, and common familial colorectal cancer is essential because screening, surveillance, and treatment among affected individuals and their family members differs from that(More)
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