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An attempt was made to arrange polystyrene latex particles (2, 5, and 10 microm in diameter) dispersed in aqueous media making use of their dielectrophoresis and electrophoresis with a hyperbolic quadruple electrode system. Application of a high-frequency ac field enabled the particles to arrange themselves between the electrodes forming a particle(More)
We developed four microsatellite DNA loci to test for multiple paternity of black rockfish, Sebastes inermis, from the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. All loci showed a high degree of polymorphism (number of alleles per locus = 10–14, expected heterozygosity = 0.80) and discriminating power (probability of identity index = 3.71 × 10−6, exclusion probability =(More)
Herein, we demonstrate the potential of droplet-based microfluidics for controlling protein crystallization and generating single-protein crystals. We estimated the critical droplet size for obtaining a single crystal within a microdroplet and investigated the crystallization of four model proteins to confirm the effect of protein molecular diffusion on(More)
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