Yuki Tamura

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MOTIVATION Although a huge amount of mammalian genomic data does become publicly available, there are still hurdles for biologists to overcome before such data can be fully exploited. One of the challenges for gaining biological insight from genomic data has been the inability to cross-reference transcriptomic and proteomic data using a single informational(More)
Recent studies suggested that lactate accumulation can be a signal for mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle. We investigated whether reductions in lactate concentrations in response to dichloroacetate (DCA), an activator of pyruvate dehydrogenase, attenuate mitochondrial adaptations after exercise training in mice. We first confirmed that DCA(More)
PURPOSE In the past decade, augmented reality systems have been expected to support surgical operations by making it possible to view invisible objects that are inside or occluded by the skull, hands, or organs. However, the properties of biological tissues that are non-rigid and featureless require a large number of distributed features to track the(More)
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