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This paper describes a three ring microphone array estimates the horizontal/vertical direction and distance of sound sources and separates multiple sound sources for mobile robot audition. Arrangement of microphones is simulated and an optimized pattern which has three rings is implemented with 32 microphones. Sound localization and separation are achieved(More)
This work describes two circular microphone arrays and a square microphone array which can be used for sound localization and sound capture. Sound capture by microphone array is achieved by sum and delay beam former (SDBF). A dedicated PCI 128-channel simultaneous input analog-to-digital (AD) board is developed for a 128 ch microphone array with a maximum(More)
This paper describes sound spot generation by 128-channel surrounded speaker array. A sound spot is a limited area within which an emitted sound is amplified. Sound spot generation is achieved by the Sum and Delay Beam Former (SDBF). A dedicated PCI 128-channel simultaneous input digital-to-analog (D/A) board is developed for a 128 channel speaker array(More)
This paper presents a novel human-machine interface, named invisible messenger. It integrates real time visual tracking of face and sound beam forming by speaker array, and realizes remote whispering effect as if an invisible messenger were standing by you. Construction of a working prototype system and actual measurement using the system prove the(More)
Based on the panel data for 2005-2011, the paper conducts an empirical analysis on the efficiency and its determinants of China's service outsourcing industry by using the three-stage DEA technique. The empirical results show that the production efficiency of the service outsourcing industry in the year of 2011 is 0.803 from Super-DEA model and 0.573 from(More)
Speech source localization technology, using microphone array, plays an important role in the area of human-computer interaction, especially that in smart space. The information of source position provided by the microphone array can be used in many place, such as dynamically adjust the parameters of the array in order to acquire high-quality speech audio,(More)
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